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For all athletes, Ceramiq® offers high-end products with GoldReflectline® technology. Our technical clothing for Running, Trail, Cycling, Triathlon and Athletics ensures optimal thermoregulation and allows you to conserve your energy to transcend your limits and improve your performance.

Running & trail

Discover Running and Trail Ceramiq® technical sportswear designed to last and to improve your performance. Our clothes are thermoregulating and hyper-breathable. They all benefit from Ceramiq® technology for exceptional comfort and sporty sensations.

All Running & trail products


Ceramiq® conceives and designs triathlon wetsuits combining technically advanced textile and performance for both professional and amateur athletes. Choose the Ceramiq® technology and unleash your potential.

All Triathlon products


Ceramiq® conceives and designs cycling shorts and cycling jackets with your goals in mind. Ceramiq® Gold Reflect'Line® thermoregulation technology helps keep you warm in cool weather, and will keep you cool through the hot weather, to increase your stamina and strength.

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Professional or fitness enthusiast, every sports session must be a moment of pleasure and the desire of surpassing oneself. Ceramiq® offers a wide range of technically advanced clothing, ultra comfortable which combines style and performance.

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Technical clothing

20 years of intensive and continue R&D allows you to benefit from our products which adapt to any kind of sport. Unique sensations for optimized performance.

Technical & thermal leggings & tights

Our range of technical leggings and tights designed for Trail Running and Running.

Technical & thermal leggings & tights

Leggings & tights

Technical & thermal t-shirts

Our range of technical t-shirts designed for Trail Running and Running.


Technical & thermal t-shirts

Technical & thermal trisuits

Our range of technical trisuits designed for Triathlon disciplines.

Technical & thermal trisuits


Technical & thermal tank tops

Our range of technical tank tops designed for Trail Running, Running.

Technical Tops

Technical & thermal tank tops

Technical & thermal shorts

Our range of technical shorts designed for Trail Running and Running.

Technical & thermal shorts


Technical & thermal Jogging Bottoms

Our range of technical jogging bottoms and trousers designed for Trail Running and Running.

Jogging Bottoms

Jogging Bottoms

Technical & thermal Trail shorts

Our range of technical trail shorts designed for Trail running and Running.

Trail shorts

Trail shorts

Technical & thermal sweatshirts

Our range of technical Sweatshirts designed for Trail Running and Running.



Our technology gold reflect line®

Ceramiq® sportswear benefits from our unique technology for unrivalled sports sensations. In cold temperatures, the Gold Reflect'Line® Technology helps increase the internal temperature of the sportswear while keeping the fabric breathable, resulting in a feeling of thermique comfort even in extreme conditions.
This technology is printed on the fabric, and is the result of the fusion of thirty metal oxides, derived from volcanic rocks which come from Japan.
Highly praised by top athletes, the Ceramiq® brand offers a complete range of technical sportswear for all sportsperson, beginners and experienced. Whether before, during and after the effort.

Liberté de mouvement & bien-être
Comfort & freedom of movement
Stabilité posturale
Postural stability
UV protecteur
UV protector

Brand ambassadors

«I don't think we can precisely measure the benefits of the product, all i can say is that i have never felt as confortable than when wearing my Ceramiq activewear. The body temperature regulation provided by the Ceramiq Technology is unrivalled with. »

Matthieu Peché & Gauthier Klauss

Canoe Kayak Slalom

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In all conditions, hot, cold, indoor and outdoor, the CeramiQ products will help you regulate your body temperature.

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Ceramiq Recovery

Even after your exercise, the ceramic fabric allows you to recover more efficiently.

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About Ceramiq Wear

It is in France, in Gérardmer, that the Ceramiq® brand came to life. 20 years of research and development have led us to develop a complete range of sportswear and underwear which enhances athletes performance thanks to the technically advanced textile and its impacts on the body.
Now worn by many world-class professional athletes, Ceramiq® technical clothing is designed to satisfy your highest demands in fitness, running, trail, cycling and triathlon.
Proven by scientific studies, the Gold Reflect'Line® technology provides perfect thermoregulation and postural stability for unparalleled comfort.
Made in Europe, the patented Gold Reflect'Line® technology is applied in the Gérardmer workshop in the Vosges. Thanks to this unique technology, we are proud to bring today a real textile solutions to many athletes, clubs and international sports federations. With only one ambition in mind providing you # amazing feelings.
We aspire to always evolve our ranges of products to meet the expectations of top athletes. To do so we work in close colaboration with sports clubs whose feedbacks enables us to do so.

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