Our technology gold reflect line®

Ceramiq® sportswear benefits from a unique technology for extraordinary sports sensations. When in cold weather, Gold Reflect'Line® Technology helps increase the internal temperature of the sportswear while keeping the fabric breathable. The result ? Feeling comfortable even in extreme conditions.
This technology is printed on the fabric, and is the result of the fusion of thirty metal oxides, derived from volcanic rocks which come from Japan.
Highly praised by top athletes, the Ceramiq® brand offers a complete range of technical sportswear for all sportsperson, beginners and experienced. Whether before, during and after the effort.

Comfort & freedom of movement
Comfort & freedom of movement
Postural stability
Postural stability
UV Protector
UV protector
Absorbing and re-emitting your body heat

Absorbing and re-emitting your body heat

The different Gold Reflect'Line® systems are the result of an important fundamental research, started in Japan, and concluded in France in 2008.
The basic idea is the association in fair proportions of a set of metal oxides having the property of absorbing and re-emitting body heat (meaning the far infrared)

Far infrared dedicated to your performance benefits

Far-infrared therapies have been used for more than 3,000 years by Chinese and other cultures in Southeast Asia.
Humans themselves emit far infrared in a wavelength of about 9.5 micrometres under normal ambient conditions. In order to maintain our body temperature around 37 ° C, our body emits far infrared rays when it has to "regulate" itself.
This textile concept partially recovers the loss of energy emitted by our body (loss of heat during the efforts) and restores it.
Its the "Mirror" effect.

Far infrared  dedicated to your performance benefits
La poudre de roche incorporée au polymère, est imprimée sur la surface du tissu.

Rocks powder incorporated in a polymer and print on the surface of the fabric

Crushed into fine particles, it is incorporated in a polymer that we then print on the surface of the fabric.
The application of the technology (application of the ceramic and finishing treatment) is directly carried out by us in our workshops of Gerardmer in the Vosges.

Scientifically proven

The different benefits felt by athletes have been clinically tested. These studies allowed us to receive the innovation trophy of the Vosges CCI in 2011 as well as the "PME bougeons-nous" trophy awarded in 2013 by the BFM-RMC channel.
These studies show an improvement in postural stability, better thermoregulation, and improved recovery time by wearing our products after an exercise.